Martin Scaiff - Singer - Singing lessons Norwich

As a student, teacher and musician Martin has worked in a broad range of artistic activity including singing, as a trombonist, keyboard player, composer and creative.

He is currently teacher of singing and GCSE music at Summerhill School, one of the world’s oldest democratic schools.

His previous professional education work has included 9 years as a tutor and music teacher trainer in Further Education for Access to Music, as a project co-ordinator for Norwich community education charity Future Projects, as Apprentice Scheme Co-ordinator for Aldeburgh Young Musicians and as a freelance peripatetic teacher and workshop leader.

Training as a trombonist and singer at Wells Cathedral specialist music school and then Colchester Institute, and completing his Certificate in Education teacher training at City College Norwich, he recently completed an MA in Applied Music Education at Roehampton University and is currently a student of the Doctoral School at University College London: Institute of Education where his work explores professionalism in music education, democratic music education and music-making with cared for young people.

Singing Lessons…

Martin specialises in teaching singing for enjoyment, well-being, skill development and creativity. Starting at a young age as a classical singer in choirs and vocal groups, he went on to perform in musicals, sing in bands and jazz groups and work with singing for music therapy in the UK, Europe and the USA.

He believes that singing is a bridge between what we feel and what we say. A good training in singing appreciates that it is a profound individual and shared experience and should be handled with great care and consideration for them both. He welcomes enquiries from anyone looking to try singing lessons for the first time, those looking to work on structured programmes (such as grades), experienced singers looking for fresh angles or new knowledge, or anyone with a question about learning to sing!

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