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Please think carefully when choosing your teacher. Music tuition is not regulated and this means that lots of people will offer to teach even though they are not particularly qualified. Others may do it for some extra cash. We take it seriously and want to give our students the best music education we can. If we cannot offer lessons in your instrument then we will do our best to recommend another individual or organisation that we rate.

ASK QUESTIONS! A posh website that ranks well in search engines doesn’t necessarily mean that the lessons offered are as good as it makes out.

You may also want to consider that a well qualified and experienced teacher may cost more, but you will get so much more for your money and see the value of this in the progress that you make. In the long run you spend less money on fewer high quality lessons to achieve what you set out to achieve.

All of our lessons are now based at Create Norwich. Create is a place for local professional teachers in Norwich to base their practices. They encourage music teachers from across all genres to come and work from the studios with only 2 conditions, that they are qualified and professional. Our aim is to raise the standard of music tuition through teaching lessons in a high quality learning environment and with the highest qualified and most experienced teachers in the area.

We work with professional teachers to connect them with students. We do not take a large percentage of their fee as we believe the teacher should get the money for sharing their talent. The money that you pay goes directly to your teacher. This policy ensures that we have the very best teachers working with us. Most of our teachers have now been with us for a number of years and they are all established, full time professionals. Between us, we are currently working with or have recently worked with the following highly respected organisations in the area:

*Aldeburgh music, *Greshams School, *Beeston Hall School, *City College, *Access To Music, *Norwich School, *Rockschool, *Registry of Guitar Tutors as well as many more Norfolk schools in the area.


We regularly hire space for film and video work. This ranges from music promotional videos through to product promotion and photography workshops/exhibitions. We have a variety of interesting spaces to choose from. Get in touch using the contact page for more information


Teacher in Norwich

Are you looking for a music teacher in Norwich? The Norwich Music Hub is a group of creative, technology driven teachers and workshop leaders in Norwich. It is run by Stuart Addison, a local musician and music teacher in Norwich.

Drum lessons

We now have six drum teachers working from the studio. If you would like lessons with a full time professional teacher in Norwich then please get in touch using the contact page or visit the Norwich Music Hub page to read profiles and find your ideal teacher.

Guitar lessons

We provide drum lessons in Norwich, Guitar lessons in Norwich, Singing lessons in Norwich, Piano lessons and music theory lessons in Norwich as well as many other instruments. We have several highly qualified and motivated musicians and teachers that provide enjoyable and informative lessons. If you are looking for a teacher in Norwich for your instrument then please get in touch using the contact page.

Singing lessons

We have three fantastic musicians offering singing lessons from the studio. They are all active full time professionals and between them they cover a huge range of styles. If you are looking for a singing teacher in Norwich then please get in touch using the contact page.

Songwriting lessons

We are now really please to have Al Southgate based at the studio. Al continues the tradition at Create of being an active artist himself as well as a dedicated educator and teacher of music. He specialises in Guitar lessons and Songwriting and he has a series of song writing lessons that have been put together to help with the song writing process.If you are looking for a songwriting teacher in Norwich then please get in touch using the contact page.

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