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Stacy is offering Drum Tuition in Norwich at Create. He has been playing for 27 years now and during that time has played countless gigs for many bands in a variety of situations, from sold out theatres to tiny Indie shows and everything in-between. He has also recorded a multitude of songs of varying genres in different studios up and down the country including 4 full-length albums, 2 EPs and various one-off recordings with his current band, Magoo, at their own Sickroom Studios, as well as 5 sessions with them for John Peel at the legendary BBC Maida Vale studios in London. He has a degree in Popular Music from the University of Leeds which involved recording and performing in a variety of genres and situations on an almost daily basis.

Drum tuition…

Stacy say's this about his lessons..."My continuing ambition is to carry on developing my knowledge of the drum kit in all its glory whilst hopefully passing on some of what I have learned to my students. I truly believe in the emotional power of music and song and will always try to develop the excitement and enjoyment I get from playing the drums in those I am lucky enough to teach. .


As a player, Stacy's strengths are mainly Rock, Pop and Funk and he has developed a solid understanding of Indie Rock as that is what he has played for most of his career. Whatever the situation, I play with my heart on my sleeve and always aim to serve the dynamic within a song or piece of music. This is a belief I always keep at the heart of my style every time I play"..

I also currently work with… The Sick Room

I am currently the drummer for: Magoo

You can listen to some of my work here: Magoo

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For more information about lessons with Stacy, please GET IN TOUCH. He is one of the best drum teachers in norwich.